Bay Area Hockey Classes & Stick Time


Jennie Van Heuit compiled this list for the NCWHL's Give Hockey a Try Day.


Belmont Iceland

Women's Hockey Skills class, $20 advance/$25 at the door

Please inform your players that if they don't already have an account
setup they will have to create one in order to register. Also, remind
them that the price online is $20. However, if they register at our
box office the cost is $25.

If for some reason someone has trouble accessing the site through the
link above the way you get there is by going to: click on calendar, click on sessions and then
click on view sessions of 'Women s Hockey Skill Development Clinic'

Oakland Ice


Not women's classes specifically, but the ones I've taken there were
high quality. I'm eyeing the Power Skating class for me

Gretzky Hours (stick time) Adults are not required to be in full gear,
but I recommend it--Andrea Tan, the Red Coordinator, pointed out that
you're going to be more willing to skate full out if you know you're
fully protected. (also, it hurts less if you catch an errant shot.)

Ice Oasis in Redwood City

Stick time
Adult Skills sessions (not scheduled now, but check back):

Sharks Ice at Fremont

Nothing listed at this time. Joan Murakami noted: " Sharks Ice Fremont has
a Saturday Adult Hockey class that starts 9/22 and runs for 12 weeks. It's
$205 for the series or $21 per class. Essentially, the class is from 7:45
am - 9:15 am, with the last half-hour being a scrimmage. Several Green and
Red players are regulars. "

Note that both Oakland Ice and Sharks Ice at Fremont have drop-in
hockey. Be aware that this is usually pretty high level, and packed
with guys. I've had good experiences at Oakland Ice, but be careful
out there. If it's too aggressive or dangerous, feel free to just walk

Sharks Ice at San Jose (formerly Logitech Ice)